Podcast Favorites

Podcast Preferences This post was originally going to cover kids ski essentials, but I felt it was irrelevant and frivolous (regardless of my love for skiing) at this time considering almost every ski resort is closed for the season based on the uncertainty of the what is going on. So instead, I have decided to […]

Naan Bread Pizza

Interactive Kid Recipe With everyone’s world flipped upside down about a week ago with the COVID 19 pandemic, I have had to shift my planning for meals differently. I went out and planned as many nutritious meals as I could while also stocking my freezer with some go-tos like this easy mini pizza recipe. I […]

Amazon Subscription Favorites

Amazon Subscription Picks To add on to the Amazon Subscribe & Save Tricks, I have highlighted my favorite three Subscribe & Save items that our family benefits from. Amazing Grass Green Super Food For Me: I originally started buying this supplement at Costco but struggled to find and just finally went to Amazon Prime for […]

St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

All Green Goals In honor of the quickly approaching St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, I will share how my family will add some green into our lives next week. We are going to be in Colorado with another couple and their two boys, so I am all about matching and obnoxious! Monogrammed Tee’s For the Boys: […]

Summit’s 1st Birthday PAWTY

FLASHBACK: Summit turned 5 today! For the first time since his 1st birthday, we celebrated with some of his closest dog friends. Frank and I made a cake, and it felt good to spoil the boy in our family who is forgotten first. I want to rewind and share his 1st birthday PAWTY because I […]

Dog Favorites

A Doggie’s Dream In honor of our sweet Summit’s 5th birthday, I want to highlight my favorite dog products we have used. Summit was my very first dog and my first baby. He stole my heart at just 5 weeks old and still amazes me everyday with his patience with 2 toddlers running around tormenting […]

Easy Sweet Potato Chunks

These easy sweet potatoes are the perfect side to any meal and can also be an add in to any salad. My kids love them too! Ingredients: 2-3 large sweet potatoes 1/4 cup olive oil Salt and pepper to season Preheat oven to 400 F Use a carrot peeler to take the skin off the […]


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