Healthy Snack Ideas

When I am busy hustling at work, I don’t have as much time for a healthy snack, but some of these are my favorite snacks to have at home or even prepped for a quick passing period fuel. I find myself feeling better and more energized when I have smaller meals with snacks in between. […]

Kielbasa and Bell Pepper Po’Boy

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a New Orlean’s Po’Boy? This has meatball sub twist with it and really was a simple dinner with few ingredients (my go-to)! My tots loved this one too! Ingredients: 5 Kielbasa or other sausage links 2 bell peppers 1/2 of a white onion 2 cups of marinara 2 tablespoons […]

Favorite Summer Cocktails

Once the springtime temperatures came this year, I put away the red wine and began experimenting with different cocktails and beer. I am a complete novice at making cocktails and hope to try out some more complicated ones, but these two on the list are 2-3 ingredient cocktails. Blood Orange Fizz For a Refreshing Fruity […]

Sausage and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

And Meatballs (I use the extra stuffing for meatballs based on how many peppers I have) One of my husband and my favorite meals! My kids absolutely love red, orange, and yellow peppers (thanks to Costco for offering them at such a deal), but we always have a few left over. Most of the times […]


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