Cherry Energy Balls

I actually bought my food processor to specifically experiment with creating different versions of energy balls with dates and walnuts. This is the first one I test out, and it turned out perfect. Although I love energy balls with peanut butter, but they do end up all tasting the same, so I wanted to see […]

Crockpot Spinach Lasagna

Lasagna has always intimidated me because I thought it was so much harder than it really is. It is probably my husband’s favorite meal, so I wanted to find an easy, healthier version of this recipe. So of course I had to try it in the crockpot; the lifesaver for a working mom. This meal […]

Easy 3 Step Fiesta Dip

This dip is so addicting, always a hit whenever I make it, AND so simple to make! I have no idea where the recipe came from, but I have been making it for years. I like to use Greek yogurt in cream dips because I don’t think there is much taste difference, and it includes […]


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