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To add on to the Amazon Subscribe & Save Tricks, I have highlighted my favorite three Subscribe & Save items that our family benefits from.

Amazing Grass Green Super Food

For Me: I originally started buying this supplement at Costco but struggled to find and just finally went to Amazon Prime for convenience. I use one of these individual packets in my morning smoothie, which consists of: frozen black cherries, a banana, and almond milk. I have made one of these every morning in my Magic Bullet individual serving blender. Regardless of price, this energizes me for a busy day!

Dog Food

For the Dog: I can proudly say that I have never actually walked into a pet store and hauled out a huge bag of dog food! This is actually the 2nd food we have ordered for our 5 year old pup on Amazon Subscription. The first was a bit more affordable, but we were ecstatic to find the exact food our vet recommended for Summit when he heard a slight heart murmur was available too. We get about one bag a month. I can skip about every 6 months when we have extra in the basement. This was the reason I figured out what Amazon Subscription was all about.

Diapers & Wipes

For the Boys: This has been a life saver since having our first son 3 years ago and our second 18 months ago. I currently use Huggies for my youngest but couldn’t get the picture to show up to screen shot. It is $23.97 (or something comparable). The prices fluctuate frequently, but I do believe they are cheaper than Costco the majority of the time. We also use refillable wipes which are so much cheaper. I bought two containers for wipes at Walmart and have used them throughout both my boys years in diapers (F is still in diapers at night). Diapers and wipes are usually 20% no matter how many items you are buying!

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