At Home Toddler Activities II

Quarantine Activities for 18 Month Old

I hesitated to write this post because I honestly feel like I have failed at working with my 18 month old on much, but I am going to give my self grace because I know he is learning tons by following his brother around and switching activities every 5 minutes. I forget how quick they lose their attention span at this age. Here are the three activities/toys that have kept G busy while he works on fine motor skills.

Spinning or Stacking Toy


For Those Who Can Shop: I finally found the parts and pieces to this spinning toy I received as a gift for my oldest son’s 1st (or 2nd birthday), and G has been loving it. We usually get it out when F is not around (or the toy turns into swords and pucks), but in a quiet moment, G and I can practice colors and his hand eye coordination. We have also been using the stacking rings, which are easier for him to manipulate, but he is learning the pattern of how they go on. These have been two gems I have found around the house.

Stacking Peg Board


For Those Who Can supervise: This is another stacking toy I found most of the pieces to for G. Him and F can actually play with it together, but when G is alone, he spends some time pushing the pegs through the board more than he does sticking them in his mouth. It is important I am very close by with this one or they end up all over the living room or in his mouth. We practice colors with these too. If you don’t like toys with lots of pieces (ME!) this might not be for you (glad I have it though).

Egg Carton & Q-Tips

From your recycling bin and under your sink!
Bread and Kale Enthusiast

For Those Whose Kids Like Trash More Than Toys: Hand raise here! I seriously can bring all the toys out and both my boys have enjoyed boxes, trash, and who knows what else better. This particular activity I saw on Bread and Kale Enthusiast, and it worked wonders with G. My husband keeps asking if he can recycle it, and my constant response is NO! I am not sure if we will ever be done with it because it is the most popular activity for G right now. It is hard to see, but on the other side I poked holes for him to work on putting the Q-Tips in too.

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