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As an avid bibliophile, it is no surprise that I love audio books so that I can squeeze as much text into my day as possible. I have my AirPods in as I wander around the house cleaning, gardening, folding laundry, or organizing toys, but my favorite time to listen to an audiobook is on a long walk where I can completely disappear into the book. I have listened to quite a few fiction books, but my real love is for non-fiction, especially when the author is reading the book themselves. The following three nonfiction audiobooks (read by the author) are my top three (in no order) I have listened to over the past few years.

Rachel Hollis – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face

For Motivation: This was the catalyst of my obsession with audio books. I am sure most of you are familiar with Rachel Hollis and her ability to motivate women’s drive towards their dreams. This is her first of two books, and I loved both, but they are very similar in message. She has an incredibly soothing voice that makes listeners become self-reflective and motivated to become the people they want to become. I have such fond memories of listening to this books as I gardened while I was pregnant with my first. If you haven’t already read or listened to it, I would highly jumping on the bandwagon.

Jessica Simpson – Open Book

Open Book

For Celebrity Fans: I was part of the magical audience that Jessica and other pop princesses waved wands at, so of course I am still entranced by Jessica and Newly Weds. Regardless if you are a huge fan or not, this is a very engaging story about Jessica’s life and how family, faith, media, love, marriage, and so many other elements play out. She dives into her rejection from Mickey Mouse Club, divorcing Nick, to her alcoholism in a candid way that makes you feel as if you are sipping coffee on a couch with her. There are so many parts of this story that show Jessica’s struggles are similar to our own. I laughed and cried listening as you can hear Jessica’s own raw emotions in her narration.

Glennon Doyle – Untamed


For Introspective Thoughts on Big Ideas: I listened to this one primarily because I had seen it numerous times on Instagram and needed in on the hype. I was not familiar with Glennon or her story (she has two other books), but I think if you asked her, she would prefer that you read this one first (you’ll find out why). She touches on such a broad range of topics that I was asking my mind so many questions and really diving into my beliefs. Although I don’t believe everything she politically advocates for, I believe her message is clear, motivating, applicable, and resonating with anyone. I specifically was moved by her conversation about bravery and how it is viewed as well as her own evolving beliefs about raising a boy as a feminist. I was honestly sad when I could no longer listen to her engaging voice walk me through so many areas of thought.

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