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In honor of our sweet Summit’s 5th birthday, I want to highlight my favorite dog products we have used. Summit was my very first dog and my first baby. He stole my heart at just 5 weeks old and still amazes me everyday with his patience with 2 toddlers running around tormenting (and feeding him) every day. He truly only deserves the best!

Bark Box

Bark Box

For the Pup: I am a guilty dog mom. I will admit, though, that before I sell this product that we no longer subscribe. Summit was spoiled with these treats and toys for two years, but he could not keep up with the chewing and eating. Once we run out of toys (he still cherishes all of them and has never chewed up any of them), I will order this subscription box because of the quality and fun of this for the family and him. I haven’t bought treats or toys in years!

Gentle Leader

For the Pup: This product was a life saver for us! We knew Summit would be a strong dog, and we hoped we could walk him, not have him walk us. After some research on different products, we started this early with him; I now can walk him with the double stroller with no worries of him pulling fiercely. Our overly protective pup is under much more control with this product than with a harness or choke collar. Some people think it’s a muzzle, but I just giggle because Summit is a golden retriever with a protective but naturally sweet demeanor.

Amazon Dog Food Delivery

For the Pup: We definitely splurge on food for this guy! This food is $75 (30 pound bag – 1 month supply) and with our Amazon subscription we save $10 a month. Not only do we save this money, we also have it delivered to our door step! Who actually likes going to the pet store to carry out a bag of food, let alone with TODDLERS! This is a lifesaver! Look for a post about how to optimize your Amazon subscription to save you the most money and time.

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