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I am so apprehensive to post about this topic because I usually plan for holidays with excitement, and I am just not ready for Easter. I have tried to find joy in each day, but it is still difficult to know that I had to throw together some last minute things since I was so limited resources and time. Hopefully, these three can make your Easter a bit more hop-i-ty under not so desirable circumstances. A quick trip to Costco or a drug store could make these all possible

Easter Basket Books

For the Kids: Costco for the save! When I was at Costco earlier this week, I picked up some books to put in each boy’s Easter basket because I literally had nothing and my go to last minute shopping on Amazon isn’t possible at the moment. I realized that it didn’t need to be perfect this year, and I didn’t need to have specific Easter books for them. They love books and any books are fine!

Easter Egg Coloring Sheets

For the Kids: This idea stemmed from a virtual Easter egg hunt that Kansas City Mom Collective is organizing through Kansas City. They had egg printables for kids to color and post on the front door for other kids to hunt for and of course, we don’t have a printer, so I just quickly drew two eggs for each boy. This entertained F for about 30 minutes (3 1/2) and entertained G (18 months) for less than a minute; G is very selective about when (rarely) and where he wants to color (generally on the carpet or walls). This was a festive activity that we will participate in and will head out to look for other eggs this afternoon.

Easter Egg Ice Cube Trays


For the Kids: Gma (my mom) to the rescue! I really am not prepared for Easter at all! My mom dropped these off last week for the boys. At first I was somewhat confused of how to make ice cubes festive, but then my mom came over and forced a tray into my freezer (my over loaded freezer, might I add), and I realized these can be fun outside to watch melt or in drinks this weekend. I wish I would have thought to dye the water first to make colored cubes for the weekend and brunch on Sunday. Don’t have time to buy the forms? Just make colored cubes watch the kids have fun!

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