Fabric Artwork

It isn’t surprising that I love to decorate my home in fabric since my mom owns a Kansas City quilt store. I find that regardless of my easy access to fabric, it really is much more affordable to decorate with than the typical artwork, and matching fabric allows for so many options. The first time I did this was right when we moved in, and I was at a loss of how to decorate my green kitchen quickly and affordably for a temporary time (apparently I liked it so much, I never changed it).

This time, I had been working on a quilt (and still am working on it) with adorable fabric panels for my older son’s “big boy” room. I immediately knew when I saw the fabric that it would be on the walls too! Even though the quilt is not done and my son’s been in the room for 18 months, the fabric is up to decorate while I continue to work on the quilt.

How to Create Your Own Fabric Artwork:

  1. Find some fabric and a frame that you love and matches with the look you are going for.
  1. Iron the fabric well – I used my temporary (smaller) iron for this and Mary Ellen’s Best Press

3. Use the glass or plastic and center it over what you want seen in the frame (I just eyeball it but measuring always works too) – I use a regular pencil or fabric chalk to trace around it.

4. Trim right on the traced line – excess fabric will not allow it to lay flat in the frame.

5. For this white fabric, I had to line the back of the frame with another white paper (or packaging paper inside of frame if light colored).

6. I use regular scotch tape to do this and put a circle of tape in all corners and half way between on the frame back or in this case the white paper (already secured with scotch tape to the frame back).

7. Lay the fabric on top of the tape and secure from middle out to the sides – be sure here that all frame mounting hooks are aligned based on the design and how it is desired to be mounted.

8. Put frame together based on instructions – I notice with white that I had to carefully make sure all threads and dust were wiped off the fabric before framing.

9. Enjoy and keep the love of fabric throughout your home!

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