Favorite Summer Cocktails

Once the springtime temperatures came this year, I put away the red wine and began experimenting with different cocktails and beer. I am a complete novice at making cocktails and hope to try out some more complicated ones, but these two on the list are 2-3 ingredient cocktails.

Blood Orange Fizz

For a Refreshing Fruity Taste: Blood Orange Fizz – From the moment that Girl & Tonic posted this on Instagram, I knew this would become my summer go-to cocktail. And once I made, I was reassured even more. I was apprehensive about including anything but the 2 main ingredients (tequila and blood orange Italian soda), but I am so glad I took the cocktail further with lemon and chili pepper. I will be buying blood orange Italian soda in bulk this summer!

 Classic Campari Cocktail – Americano Cocktail

For a Distinct Flavor: Classic Campari Cocktail – This Americano Cocktail is another from Girl & Tonic (clearly, I am a begin fan of Corrie) and was an adventurous one for me as I begin to explore cocktails. The taste is acquired, and it certainly is a sipping drink, but I truly enjoyed exploring the distinct bitter taste of Campari and will try this one again and other recipes with Campari in it.

Traditional Moscow Mule

For a Traditional Vibe: As noted above, I am just starting to experiment with cocktails, but this is always an easy cocktail that I love in the warmer ones. I hope to be able to make different versions of this one this summer because it is so easy and refreshing. I have no specific recipe and just pour 1 1/2 ounces of vodka (whatever is at our house, which is a lot for some reason) and ginger beer over a full glass of ice and squeeze in 2-3 slices of lime. I also feel super fancy using one of my only designated cocktail cups!

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