Get Motivated to Run!

I generally am motivated to exercise and run, but there is always a day where motivation doesn’t come as easy. Here are tips that I use to go on that run that I know will make me happier after.

Stop Making Excuses

I know this is much easier said than done. Here are my excuses and my go to internal response:

“I am too tired” – Yes, you are. Taking a nap with not make you feel as good as running will.

“I have too much to do” – Yes, you do. Taking care of yourself is most important; you will be a better mother, wife, neighbor, and teacher if you take care of yourself.

“I don’t have time to shower and get ready again after” – Yes, you do. You will look much happier and refreshed after a run and that will look better than any makeup.

“I drank too much wine last night” – Yes, you did. That is exactly why you should run and you will feel better after.

Set Low Goals

Once I have convinced myself that I should just do it, I set my daily run goal low. By telling myself that I only have to do 2 miles, my shoes will lace up for me and to be honest, I usually do a few more miles than expected.

It is usually when my expectations are the lowest that I have my best runs. Like today, totally motivated to do 6 miles, I pooped out at 5 miles and didn’t feel as good as if I would have set that goal at the 3-4 mile range (my typical).

Reward Yourself

If you can’t stop making excuses and even a 10 minute run can’t get you out the door, find a reward that will! Sometimes it is a half hour long walk after listening to a Podcast away from my busy toddlers and other days it is a glass of wine and other days it is a long stretch. Find something you want to reward yourself with! Those are my two go-to rewards!

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