Healthy Air Fryer Snacks

These easy, healthy air fryer snacks are easy to make with minimal ingredients. Each can be made with or without spice, so everyone can enjoy these!

1. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

This lunch, dinner, snack, or appetizer recipe is for all buffalo chicken and ranch fans or any one that loves a lighter version of taquito. This healthy air fryer recipe is perfect for a quick snack or a tailgate appetizer. With minimal ingredients, you can find most of them as staples of your pantry. Included is the recipe for a quick, light greek yogurt ranch that is perfect for dipping these treats in. Don’t miss out on this lower calorie option while watching your next football game with friends!

Air Fryer Snack – Buffalo Taquito

2. Jalapeno Chicken Nuggets

This healthy air fryer snack recipe is perfect for both adults and kids (just leave the jalapeno out for the kiddos). Here are a few sauces that would be great to dip these in:

3. Pepper Poppers

This healthy air fryer snack can be made with full bell peppers sliced up or with the mini peppers. Because this uses Laughing Cow cheese or another soft cheese (similar or even goat cheese works), there are so many varieties of flavors (Pepper Jack, Original, Garlic & Herb, Swiss, White Cheddar, and Light). My favorite Laughing Cow cheese is the pepper jack, which adds a bit spice to every bite.

4. Air Fryer Boneless Wings

This healthy air fryer snack recipe is so versatile because not only can it be buffalo chicken, the recipe can be adapted to so many different flavors. This recipe is more about the method of cooking rather than what is inside. We love using a simple generic sauce from Walmart, but there are so many different sauces to choose from. Try this recipe with these sauces:

5. Crispy Chickpeas

These crispy chickpeas have so many options and make one the best versatile air fryer snacks! There are so many options of flavors that you can season them with. My favorite is obviously ranch because they can be eaten quickly as a snack by me or the boys, or can be tossed into a salad for a crunch.

Flavor ideas:

Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas

Let me know what you thought of these healthy air fryer snacks! There are so many variations that these can be made that I can’t wait to try all these healthy air fryer snacks.

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