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When I am busy hustling at work, I don’t have as much time for a healthy snack, but some of these are my favorite snacks to have at home or even prepped for a quick passing period fuel. I find myself feeling better and more energized when I have smaller meals with snacks in between. Here are my favorites for you to try out!

Mozzarella Balls & Cherry Tomatoes

This is a quick healthy snack that can easily be packed in a ziplock bag. Just combine the mozzarella cheese, tomatoes (can be sliced or not), olive oil, balsamic, and seasoning (salt and pepper, TJ’s Pickle Seasoning, or your preferred seasoning). This is such a healthy snack and a fresh treat for summer and can be packed for work.

Cucumber & Goat Cheese Bites

I love this healthy snack because it has the crunch and freshness of the cucumber with the sweetness of the goat cheese and saltiness of the Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. Slice up cucumbers and top with goat cheese and EBTB seasoning. This one might not be the easiest to pack for work but is so easy to put together if you bring the ingredients to work.

Quick Chicken Roll-Ups

This is such a versatile quick, healthy snack depending on what you have on hand. I always have Mama Lupe’s Zero Carb Tortillas and whipped (or normal cream cheese) on hand. I just put a layer of cream cheese down on the tortilla and top it with either ranch seasoning or one of my new favorites from Trader Joe’s is the Pickle seasoning. Then I add a protein to this quick healthy snack – either shredded rotisserie chicken or any type of deli meat – on top and roll. I generally stick the rolls in the freezer for 10 minutes before I slice. This is a great snack to prep and have on hand throughout the week.

Apple Slices & Almond Butter

We always have apples on hand! They are one of the best fruits to buy from Costco (when in-season of course) because they last so long, and my kids love them. This Justin’s Classic Almond Butter is one of our monthly Amazon subscription items. These two household items make for a great pairing!

Bell Peppers & Hummus

Bell peppers are another staple on our Costco list (we go about every other week) because (again) my kids love them, they last long, and they are a cheap veggie (when in season). If we don’t have peppers, we dip sliced cucumbers or carrots in hummus. When my husband and I were going to work every day, we packed the individual containers from Costco, but it is more cost effective to get the big tub of Hummus from Costco now since we are home.

Peppered Cottage Cheese & Tomato

This is a snack I have loved since I was a teenager! I used to use the fat-free cottage cheese, but over the last decade the importance of fat over sugar (added into the FF versions) has shifted in nutritional studies; I use the 2% cottage cheese now and just watch the serving size to make sure I am not getting the extra calories of a giant serving. I love topping this snack with some pepper for an even fresher taste.

Avocado Cracker

This is the quick version of avocado toast! Every single one of these ingredients comes from Trader Joes; I use the Seeds & Grains Crispbread -Norwegian Crackers, individual packs of avocado, and then top it with Everything But Bagel Seasoning. I don’t have to mash the avocado, balance the greens on cracker, or even toast the bread, and it is *almost* as tasty as avocado toast.

Make-it-your-own Trail Mix

Now this is probably the most portable snack of all! I keep a bag of make-it-your-own trail mix in my desk to grab a handful here and there. Generally, all the ingredients I use are from Trader Joes (exception of this mix which include the Costco goji berries). Here I have unsalted peanuts, cashew pieces, dried banana slices, coconut shavings, and goji berries. Every time I make it a bit different to keep myself from getting bored with it.

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