January Favorites

5. Waterproof Winter Boots:

I have been needing a new more versatile, waterproof boots for a few years, but didn’t want to invest in a really expensive pair because I already have a pair of Sorel’s that are perfect for light snow but are not waterproof. With the deep snow in Colorado and climbing around with kids, I have realized the importance of waterproof boots. I was constantly complaining about my feet being cold even before going skiing because my last boots were not warm enough. I am happy to say that these boots helped solve all these problems. Although they won’t help with walking through a few feet of snow, but that rarely happens even in mountain storms.

4. Initial Necklace:

If Alexis Rose was going to have this necklace in “Schit’s Creek,” I was going to need to find a dupe for sure. This initial necklace is $10 and could not duplicate her initial necklace more! Although the monogram is larger than some other initial jewelry, I find that it is still a classic and simple piece to be able to add to any outfit.

3. Bento Salad Lunch Container

I have actually had this Bento Salad Lunch container for a few months, but I just started using it at least a few times a week this month. I love the summer months and big salads with lots of toppings and now I feel like I can enjoy salads all year around. The dressing container is secure and does not leak at all (maybe try this Honey Sriracha Vinaigrette), which I am impressed with when I just put some oil and balsamic vinegar in it. This convenient salad container is so versatile for the working mom lunch. It is also something that can be packed the night or days before for even more convenience.

2. Women’s Knitted Beanie Hat

This picture was taken post 3-4 hours of being outside on the bunny slopes skiing with the boys in constant heavy snow (what you need to have to ski with kids). It was thick enough to keep my head dry and kept me warmer than I would have imagined. It almost felt as if my gator and my jacket were wetter than my hat. It is thick and lined and has kept me warm while still looking somewhat fashionable in the ski villages or just even dropping my kids off at daycare. It is my every day hat. You can also remove the ball on top and interchange it with other colors if you order a few different color combinations.

1. Pilot Erasable Pens:

And to my NUMBER ONE! It was hard to choose which one I loved most in January, but I get so excited to use these erasable pins every week to fill out my calendar. After the first week in January, I realized planning for my week was not going to be perfect, and someone recommended some erasable pens to me and my mind was blown (I really wish I remembered who recommended this – so if it is you, email me)! For under $20, these pens have such a color variety (duh for calendar organizing!) and truly erase perfectly! Don’t miss out on this genius idea for your calendars or even for teachers who make mistakes on grading papers.

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