Kid Road Trip Favorites

Magnet Drawing Doodle Board

FOR THE KIDS: I have yet to find a great board where my 3 year old can actually use crayons or markers in the car effectively, but this magnetic drawing board is perfect for the car and keeps my son occupied for a solid 30 minutes to an hour. The smaller one was not quite suitable for my 15 month old yet; he hasn’t quite mastered holding a writing utensil. I use Melissa & Dougs Water Wow Books with him but use a wipe instead of the pen.


FOR THE KIDS: Again this one is for my 3 year old. This particular pack (which is his favorite Disney movie) has 3 sheets of stickers. I make sure I bring some paper for him to put them on, but sometimes they end up on the car. I figure it’s not the end of the world, and I can clean them off later. We made a mural on the back of the seat that occupied him for at least an hour. Beware: you may find stickers all over them at a bathroom break.

The Cold Podcast

The Cold Podcast

FOR ME: I have not finished this particular podcast but am LOVING it so far! It is a crime podcast that explores the untold story about the disappearance of Susan Powell. It has incredible audio content from her and her husband’s audio journals as well as very relevant interviews. There are many great crime podcasts out there that help to occupy the the rarity of nap time and most popular iPad time. My favorite documentary podcasts are Dirty John (one of my all time favorites), Serial, and Up & Vanished. When it’s dark and the kids are asleep: my favorite of a road trip.

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