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This post was originally going to cover kids ski essentials, but I felt it was irrelevant and frivolous (regardless of my love for skiing) at this time considering almost every ski resort is closed for the season based on the uncertainty of the what is going on. So instead, I have decided to highlight my three favorite podcasts! It was DEFINITELY hard to narrow it down!

Young House Love Has A Podcast

For DIY-ers or House Project Enthusiasts: This is the first podcast that I ever listened too and am still a loyal follower! Sherry and John have been my blog crush for many years, and I followed them before they went on their blog hiatus and was ecstatic to see they started a podcast that could showcase their spunky personalities. Although they are not just DIY-ers, they are now home renovators and remodelers who are always throwing new curve balls as they cover the nitty gritty details of renovating each of their homes and vacation homes. I can’t wait to find out about their new move and life change coming up. Fun fact: This Thursday Three section was inspired by their “What we are digging” section of this podcast! Sometimes if I don’t have time for the whole episode, I just skip forward to that section!

Dirty John

For Crime Lovers: This is the podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts! I had no idea what to expect but had heard a random recommendation and needed a time filler for a drive to Colorado. This story about deceit and manipulation had me riveted from episode one. Although the story twisted love story about a man with a false identity whose significant other sees all the warning signs but is swept away regardless, it can resonate with women’s ability to be blind-sighted by love.

Thought Sauce Podcast

For the Working Woman: This is the most recent podcast I have been listening too, and I love that Brea is a Kansas City local influencer who has teamed up with her college bestie in Washington DC to create this podcast. Although Brea is a successful working mom, this podcast highlights the lives of very interesting people across the country. Each one of their guests has had a notable takeaway for me that is somehow inspiring. Not only motivational and educational about different lifestyles and careers, it is entertaining to hear each authentic conversation.

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