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At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, I was doing some at home workouts that I hoped to share some of my essentials, but for the past 2 weeks, the weather has been perfect for running and that is on my mind. Running is one of the most convenient exercising routines during a time where no gyms can be frequented because you don’t need much. These three items help me to become motivated and make my runs more frequent and enjoyable.

Running Tracker – Strava App or Apple Watch

For All Levels: Tracking my runs is one of the most motivating practices for me. I actually use both the Strava App and my Apple Fitness Tracker. I actually track on my Apple Watch because of the easy viewing during my run and then upload my workout on Strava. Strava is a new app for me that a few friends use as more of a social media platform for working out; it’s also motivating to see other’s workouts and notifications of when they workout. It is a good tracker on its own if you can’t afford an Apple watch or have an Apple device, but it more focused on running and biking than other workouts like aerobics, sports, dancing, barre, and others like the Apple fitness app. I am working on encouraging my husband to use the Strava app to track his runs, so he feels more accomplishment when he returns from his solo runs since he always wants to check out my stats after we run together.

Spotify App

For All Levels: Running with music is a must for me! I have used different music apps and felt they were limiting on content (Amazon Music) and control of songs (Pandora), so I was looking for a service where I could create playlists for different workouts and times during my day. I listen sometimes to pre-made playlists and have built my personal playlist based on these. The shuffle feature allows for a different order of songs, so I don’t get complacent on one list for one certain run. On longer runs when my list is complete, it automatically picks songs similar to the ones on the list. The 3 month free trial proved to me that this is a necessary monthly subscription I will utilize.

BOB Running Stroller

For Moms: Kids can limit the access to workouts, and I had to find a way that I could workout with my kids in tow (3 1/2 and 18 months). For the past few years, we have used our BOB double and single stroller to make the price well worth it, but I truly have never done a ton of running with my double stroller until the last month. I felt intimidated pushing such a large stroller, and at first I felt defeated that I couldn’t run as far or fast with it, but now as I have improved my distance and pace, I feel even more powerful as I run. These strollers (especially the double) are not for indoor use, but are perfect for smooth walks and runs out side. Although they are pricey, they have been worth the $1300 we have invested in both.

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