St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

All Green Goals

In honor of the quickly approaching St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, I will share how my family will add some green into our lives next week. We are going to be in Colorado with another couple and their two boys, so I am all about matching and obnoxious!

Monogrammed Tee’s

For the Boys: I have been pretty excited about my boys wearing matching shirts, and I am even more excited to have 2 more to match with over St. Patrick’s Day!

Funky Headbands

For Everyone: Here’s the obnoxious fun! Who knows if they will fit everyone, but I will know once they arrive! I thought about finding something cute and trendy for me to wear on St. Pats Day but realized there was no fun in that. I am more excited to make E wear one of these than I am the boys!

Green Beer

For the Adults: What is St. Patrick’s Day without some green beer? Even if our 4 toddlers keep us at the condo all day, we will still get to have our green beer! Maybe some green eggs for breakfast? Or maybe we can even use it to make a tasty treat for when the dads arrive home from skiing. I think I’ll just make sure the green beer happens this year!

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