Summit’s 1st Birthday PAWTY

FLASHBACK: Summit turned 5 today! For the first time since his 1st birthday, we celebrated with some of his closest dog friends. Frank and I made a cake, and it felt good to spoil the boy in our family who is forgotten first. I want to rewind and share his 1st birthday PAWTY because I will never top that one.

A True Dog Cake

Three Dog Bakery

We splurged on this cake from Three Dog Bakery in Leawood, KS for about $30. It looked way better than the one Frank and I through together this weekend (it wasn’t as fun for me thought because I just sent E out to pick it up before the party). It surely made better pictures, but I can’t say that the dogs enjoyed this cake over the homemade one.

PAWty Themed Food

I derived this theme from a co-worker who happened to be throwing a Paw Patrol birthday party for her son around the same time. Back then I had no idea how much more I would know about Paw Patrols just a few years down the road; I was only pregnant with F at this time.

Here’s the spread:

  • PAWsta Salad
  • PAWtato Chips
  • PAWtato Salad
  • hot DOGS
  • PUPcorn
  • There was a spinach artichoke dip that I can’t figure out the dog pun here 4 years later

PAWty Favors

I had some extra time on my hands this year and was able to make and embroider all the guests matching I had to play around with the pattern and size, but it was one of the first times I whipped out the embroidery machine for E to see. I wish we could have taken a photo of all the guests together, but that was nearly impossible.

Finale – One Tired Birthday Boy

Although I do not have the time to through such an elaborate PAWty for Summit again, I am so happy I have this memory of spoiling such an amazing dog!

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