The Thursday Three – February 27

The Ski Scoop

This past weekend, my husband and I took a ski trip sans kids with two other couples. Not only was it refreshing to have a break from kids, we really had amazing conditions and got in a few more turns (as my husband calls it). I have skied 13 days so far this year and feel like these three things enhance my time on the slopes.

Slopes App

Slopes App

For Me: I have used this app the past 4 ski seasons and love tracking my vertical, runs, and ski resorts. The first photo shows my season, and the other shows me how my day went. I often check it and am motivated to ski a few more runs even if my feet and legs are telling me otherwise. I have connected it to my Apple watch, but it actually recorded twice and I prefer to just record on my phone.

Trader Joes Trail Mix

Trader Joes Trail Mix

For Us: This season, E and I have been focused on getting the most turns in as we can. Especially because it means someone else is watching our kids, and our time is valuable on the slopes. I have been packing trail mix for our pockets instead of packing our lunch, which my husband hates wearing the backpack all day. This is a hearty snack that fills us up after a large breakfast and happy hour snacks immediately when we return home. Trader Joes has of course won my heart and this is my favorite mix of many that they offer. Who knew that Amazon sold Trader Joes products!?

Yakima Sky Box Cargo Box

For Us: This product is not a cheap one but was a worthy investment for our skiing habits. It took us about a year to decide exactly which box was the best for our family. We have a Honda CRV, two kids, and a golden retriever we haul to Colorado (10 hours away) at least five times a year. We had to have something to give us more space, but on our most recent trip sans kids, we still took the box solely for the easy access to our skis at each resort. It leaves the inside of our car dryer, and we were able to carpool with our friends to the ski resort with all of our gear. I have horrific memories of my dad stressing about our “car top carrier” as a kid so I was hesitant to get one, but actually travel cross country with the boys by myself and was able to pack and unpack easily. It’s a worthy investment but make sure you figure out your needs in a box.

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