The Thursday Three (Version 1)

May 7 – Springtime Cocktails

  1. For a Refreshing Fruity Taste: Blood Orange Fizz
  2. For a Distinct Flavor: Classic Campari Cocktail – Americano Cocktail
  3. For a Traditional Vibe: Moscow Mule

April 30 – Addicting (and Motivating) Audiobooks

  1. For Motivation: Rachel Hollis’s Girl Wash Your Face
  2. For Celebrity Fans: Jessica Simpson’s Open Book
  3. For Introspective Thoughts on Big Ideas: Glennon Doyle’s Untamed

April 23 – Toddler Quarantine Activities – Part II (18 months)

  1. For Those Who Can Shop: Spinning or Stacking Toy
  2. For Those Who Can Supervise: Stacking Peg Board
  3. For Those Whose Kids Like Trash More Than Toys: Egg Carton & Q-Tips

April 16 – Toddler Quarantine Activity – Part I (3 1/2 year olds)

  1. For Morning Movement: Painter’s Tape Track
  2. For the Afternoon Lull: Cookie Decorating
  3. For a Unique Education Experience: Caterpillar Butterfly Growing Kit

April 9 – Easter Fun

  1. For the Kids: Books from Costco
  2. For the Kids: Easter Egg Coloring Sheets
  3. For the Kids: Easter Ice Cube Trays

April 2 – Running Essentials

  1. For All Levels: Apple Watch or Strava App
  2. For All Levels: Spotify App
  3. For Moms: BOB Running Stroller

March 26 – Podcast Preferences

  1. For DYI-ers: Young House Love Has a Podcast
  2. For Crime Lovers: Dirty John
  3. For Working Women: Thought Sauce

March 19 – Amazon Subscription Picks

  1. For Me: Amazing Grass Green Super Food
  2. For the Pup: Dog Food Subscription
  3. For the Kids: Diaper Subscription

March 12 – All Green Goals

  1. For the Kids: Matching Green Monogrammed T’s
  2. For the Adults: Green Dye for Beer
  3. For Everyone: St. Patricks Day Headbands

March 5 – A Doggie’s Dream

  1. For Him: The Bark Box
  2. For Him: Gentle Leader
  3. For Him: Amazon Dog Food Delivery

February 27 – Ski Scoop

  1. For Us: Yakima Cargo Box
  2. For Us: Trader Joes Trail Mix
  3. For Me: The Slopes App

February 20

  1. For Us: Salad Shaker
  2. For the Kids: Hatch Nightlight & Sound Machine
  3. For Me: Thought Sauce Podcast

February 13 – Valentines Edition

  1. For the Kids: Valentines Day Book
  2. For the Kids: Old Navy Graphic Tees
  3. For the Kids: Amazon Homemade Class Valentines

February 5 – Kansas City Style

  1. For the Kids: Minsky’s Pizza
  2. For Us: Boulevard Brewery
  3. For the Family: Royal’s Games

January 30

  1. For the Kids: Magnet Drawing Doodle Board
  2. For the Kids: Stickers
  3. For Me: Cold Podcast

January 23

  1. For Teens: Poet X
  2. For the Family: Cozi App
  3. For Me: Trader Joes Shopping Trip

January 16

  1. For the Family: Silpat Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat
  2. For Me: Walmart Grocery Pick-up
  3. For the Kids: Electric Toothbrush

January 9

  1. For Me: Where the Crawdad Sings
  2. For the Family: The YMCA
  3. For the Kids: Ravensburger Puzzles
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