Valentines Day Favorites

Valentines Day Edition

Tomorrow marks what some might criticize as the “Hallmark” holiday, and although my expectations are low from my husband (he hates the holiday), and we don’t go all out, I certainly love to celebrate any holiday spoiling and decking my boys out. After I picked my Valentines Three, I realized they all had to do with my kids, which is our reality!

Valentines Books

For the Kids: My mom gave us this book at the beginning of the week, originally for my 15 month old, but both boys have wanted to read this book over and over this week. I like that it brings some holiday spirit out early, so we can discuss and explain the importance of the upcoming day. We do this with Christmas and Halloween books, but I can’t wait to continue to do this throughout the year with other holidays that I want to teach my boys about, like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, and so many more!

Valentines Graphic Tees

For the Kids: Unfortunately, this is not the shirt I picked up in the stores last week for my boys, but this one is just as cute! The price was low last week in store, but WOW $1.97 for them the day before? It makes me want to stock up for next year, even with the risk of forgetting or the size being incorrect. I jump on any excuse to match my boys, and I love the unique designs of Old Navy.

Homemade Class Valentines

For the Kids: Disclaimer – these do not compare to the “cuteness” of some store bought Valentines, but I love the process! This is Frank’s 4th Valentines Class Party (benefits of full-time daycare), and I have truly enjoyed coming up with something every year that is unique to what he, and now George, currently like. I certainly don’t turn my nose up to those that give candy, but I feel like holidays have enough treats involved that something to entertain my kids is needed after all that sugar; stamps and stickers it is this year! This year, Frank helped me decorate his for the first time. I was tempted to write some Valentine/Car pun on his, but wanted to make his more authentic as he is getting older and can take more ownership and pride for them. I look forward to this tradition of making our own Valentines in years to come!

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